ReMedi Services

To further our Mission, we provide the following resources, events, information and programs:

  • In-Person Visits: We welcome the opportunity to come to companies, firms, agencies and departments and offer a free presentation on the use of mediation and the resources available at ReMedi.
  • Annual Meetings: Beginning in the Spring of 2010 we will host a conference, offering members and mediators topical presentations, state-of-the-art mediations strategies, and the opportunity to meet and network with representatives from the mediation, corporate and legal communities.
  • Newsletters: Beginning in the Spring of 2010, we will issue a newsletter containing articles, studies and other materials on the law, art and use of mediation.
  • Certification Training Opportunities: One of our goals is to provide education and training opportunities and to cite resources that are available nationwide to help mediators obtain the credentials necessary for certification with ReMedi. 
  • Protocols, Guidelines and Code of Ethics:  ReMedi is developing and updating suggested standards for the practice of mediation.
  • Mediator Certification:  ReMedi certifies highly-qualified mediators who have extensive experience in insurance and reinsurance, and maintains a roster of certified mediators.