Corporate Counsel

Vincent J. Vitkowsky


Vincent J. Vitkowsky

Corporate Counsel, Founding Member

Edwards Wildman Palmer LLP, 750 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10022

Vincent J. Vitkowsky represents insurers and reinsurers in significant disputes. He serves as advocate and counselor in litigation, arbitration and mediation of reinsurance, insurance coverage, regulatory, and general commercial matters.

Mr. Vitkowsky has represented clients in successful mediations with dollar values in the millions and hundreds of millions. He served on the Advisory Committee for the CPR International Reinsurance Industry Dispute Resolution Protocol, which established a framework for voluntary dispute resolution and mediation. He and his firm serve as pro bono corporate counsel to REMEDI.

Since the 1980s, Mr. Vitkowsky has been among the core of lawyers most active in reinsurance disputes, and has appeared in well over 100 reinsurance arbitrations and litigations. His matters have addressed recurring issues such as follow-the-fortunes, utmost good faith, rescission, aggregation and allocation, as well as unique points of contract interpretation. They have involved property, casualty, life, health, finite, workers compensation carve-out and aviation business, and have arisen in contexts such as September 11, Enron, hurricanes and insurance company insolvencies.

Mr. Vitkowsky also represents direct insurers in novel or high stakes coverage matters. For example, he represented the insurer on the highest and most exposed layer of coverage for a major telecommunications company, an engagement which encompassed securities and ERISA class actions, D&O, professional indemnity, international litigation and bankruptcy issues. He has also represented clients in disputes arising from theatrical abandonment, space tourism, oil refinery and group health policies.

Mr. Vitkowsky also represents insurers in general commercial litigation, including matters such as disputes with managing general agents, business torts, antitrust, breach of trade secrets and unfair competition, wrongful termination and other matters.

Mr. Vitkowsky also serves as counsel or arbitrator in international commercial arbitrations involving contracts in a broad range of industries. He is a member of the Panels of the AAA International Centre for Dispute Resolution and the London Court of International Arbitration, and accepts assignments to ad hoc tribunals.